Many parents amongst you might have dreamed that your child would become doctor and hence Biology would have been taken as one of the subject which is a precondition for MBBS admission . Despite of this due to low percentage of result and availability of insufficient MBBS seats and tough competition, many students would have remained devoid of getting admission. Hence many disqualified students for MBBS are forced to take admission in Dental, Physiotherapy, Pharmaceutical or other para-medical courses.
Many students have aim in life to work very hard for MBBS admission and subsequently become Doctor and do good for the society for which they are indebted. In country like India, Doctors have very strong social and economic status to the extent that he is worshiped like god.
Today the world population is increasing very sharply and life style is also changing. Looking to this, the necessity of doctors has also increased greatly not only in India but also in other foreign countries too. Today in India the availability of doctors is only 6 against 10000 persons. In other developed countries where people become sick rarely due to availability of pure water, food and air. Even though the ratio of doctors is 27 per 10000 persons in USA, and 30 doctors per 10000 persons in Australia. To cope up the scarcity of Doctors in India, Govt. of India had to decide that if a doctor from India is going to USA for post graduation, they will have to come back to India after completion of their study. It shows the demand of doctors in our society.
Today there is scarcity of approximately 6 lakh doctors in India. Eligible doctors from India are always welcomed to USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and Gulf countries, because shortage of doctors over there. Presently approximately more then 15000 Indian doctors are working in other countries. In developed countries, the pay slab of doctor ranges is starting from Rs. 25 lakh to 200 lakh per year (approx.) as per their qualification and experience.
Thousands of the MBBS students are passed out as doctors from many Universities of the world every year. Even then the scarcity of doctors would remain there. In comparison to this only one pharmacist is sufficient for 100 patients. Further only 10 persons out of 1000 have dental problem for which only one dentist is sufficient. At present there are more dentist available then their demand. Due to this Govt. of India has decided not to open any new dental college for next 5 years.
Students opt Biology in 11th standard and work very hard just with a dream to become only and only doctor too at cost of enjoying pleasure. Do this hard work and dream been done for getting admission in Pharmacy, Dental or any other paramedical courses ???
Will the dream of your loving chile to become a doctor will remain unfulfilled due to less score, high competition, less seats and high donation taken by medical colleges in India ???
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