Why Study in Finland

The European Union member state and Nordic country, Finland, is one of the best destinations for international students intending to study abroad. The availability of wide range of courses taught in English language with the most sophisticated learning environment made Finland favorable destination for foreign students. Finland has developed its world class education system which offers students wonderful higher education opportunities in almost all fields of study. The reputation of its education system is high not only because it provides high standard of education but because also because it is continuously working and investing for increment in level of educational standards. As such, the national educational strategy is to invest substantial amount on research based education to develop the country as the information society.
The higher educational wings of Finland constitute of Universities and Polytechnics which provide most advanced state-of-art facilities to its students. The educational culture of Finland includes coordination and support between teachers and students throughout the study period. Teachers are always available to support and solve the problem that may occur to the students.
The international students’ life in Finland is not just about studying, instead it will be the most exciting, enjoyable, and memorable time in their whole life time. The unique Finnish culture, the geopolitical location neighboring Sweden, Norway, Russia, and Estonia gives student a wonderful and once in a life opportunities to explore all these countries at once along with the chances to know the cultures of one part of the world. Student will also have wonderful experience of Finnish way of life which consists high-tech society with an unspoiled nature.

Earning While Study in Finland

In Finland, international students can apply for permission to work. Student is permitted to work 25 hrs a week and full-time during vacations. But If you are studying doctorate courses, then you are permitted to work unlimited hours a week. After completion of your study you will get 6 months open work permit to search for a job in your field.

The admission procedures and practices vary from one university to another and one faculty to another. So, it will be wise to contact directly to the admissions department of related university for necessary admission information, application deadlines and procedures.
However, in Finland, the admission requirements can be categorized according to Degree Students and Exchange Students.

For Degree Students

For Degree Students, the common requirements for admission in Finnish educational institutions are:

Undergraduate Level Studies

It is very tough to get admission in undergraduate level studies for foreign students in Finland because each year limited number of students are granted opportunity to study in Finland for this level. Therefore competition is keen. Admissions are completely based on international students’ academic achievement on previous study levels.
The basic requirements for admission in undergraduate level for international students in Finland are:
1.Student must have completed an internationally recognized higher secondary education that is equivalent to Finnish Upper Secondary Education or Matriculation Examination.
2.Student must show good command in English by means of an internationally recognized English test like IELTS and TOEFL if English is not their first language.
3.Student must be prepared to take the entrance examination in which they must score sufficient mark that can satisfy admission officer.
Note: For technical subjects or for students intending to apply in Polytechnic Institutes or Universities of Applied Science, they must have completed internationally recognized higher secondary education that corresponds to their intended field of studies. The application procedure for programs conducted in English at Universities of Applied Sciences takes place through joint application system. Students are eligible to apply for up to four different degree programs using same application form. For more information please refer to www.admissions.fi

Postgraduate Level Studies

The basic requirements for admission in undergraduate level for international students in Finland are:
1.Student must have completed an internationally recognized bachelor’s degree.
2.Student must show good command in English by means of an internationally recognized English test like IELTS and TOEFL if English is not their first language.
3.Student must be prepared to take the entrance examination in which they must score sufficient mark that can satisfy admission officer.

Doctoral Level Studies

The basic requirements for admission in Doctorate level for international students in Finland are:
1.Student must have completed an internationally recognized master’s degree.
2.If English isn’t the first language of the students, they’ll require showing proficiency in English Language by means of English Tests like TOEFL and IELTS.

For Exchange Students

Exchange students refers to visiting students intending to study for a short time in Finnish universities or colleges. Exchange students are those students who come to Finland, not to complete their whole degree program but to complete certain portion of their degree program. The length of exchange period is between 3 month to 1 year. Student from any country can participate in exchange program if there are bilateral agreements between two higher educational institutions of two countries. It is easier to make an arrangement for study placement in Finnish higher educational institution by the exchange student.
Students from EU member states can get admitted into Finnish Institutions as exchange student under Socrates/Erasmus and Leonardo da Vinci programs. ISEP exchange program (Fulbright) is available for the student from USA intending to study as exchange student. And, Nordplus scheme is available for student from Nordic countries.

Depending upon the nationality, the process for the student visa and residence permit application for Finland may be different.

Student Visa for Students from non EU / EEA Countries

Students from countries other than Nordic and EU/EEA must compulsorily obtain a visa prior to entering into Finland. If student have been accepted as an full time student and wishes to stay for more than 90 days in Finland for study purpose, then foreign student from these countries need to apply and obtain residence permit from the Finnish diplomatic mission in their home country before entering Finland. If international students are requested to take an entrance examination before being admitted as foreign student in Finnish educational institutions, then they need to apply for a visa for the period of the entrance examination.

Documents Required to Submit in Finnish Diplomatic Mission to obtain Finnish Visa and Residence Permit:

1.A completely filled application form along with a photograph attached with it.
2.A certificate or letter of acceptance showing that the student is enrolled for the full time study in Finnish educational institution including information related to study program and the duration of the program.
3.Accommodation documentation including information regarding the place where they are going to stay during their studies.
4.Health Insurance certificate covering all the health risks that is valid till the student’s students complete in Finland.
5.Financial support documents (It may be a certificate from a bank confirming that student have enough fund to support their stay in Finland or the necessary documents that show that student have received a scholarships, study grants or any other type of financial aid to study in Finnish educational institution or the documents from financer if the student is going to be financed by the local Finnish resident).

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1. Åbo Akademi University
2. University of Helsinki
3. University of Joensuu
4. University of Jyväskylä
5. University of Kuopio
6. University of Lapland
7. University of Oulu
8. University of Tampere
9. University of Turku
10. University of Vaasa
11. Åland Polytechnic
12. Arcada
13. Central Ostrobothnia University of Applied Sciences
14. Diaconia University of Applied Sciences
15. EVTEK University of Applied Sciences
16. HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences
17. HAMK University of Applied Sciences
18. Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia
19. HUMAK University of Applied Sciences
20. Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences
21. Kajaani University of Applied Sciences
22. Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences
23. Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences
24. Lahti University of Applied Sciences
25. Laurea University of Applied Sciences
26. Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences
27. North Karelia University of Applied Sciences
28. u Polytechnic – University of Applied Sciences
29. Pirkanmaa Polytechnic – University of Applied Sciences
30. Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences
31. Satakunta University of Applied Sciences
32. Savonia University of Applied Sciences
33. Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences (SeAMK)
34. South Carelia Polytechnic
35. Svenska Yrkeshögskolan
36. Sydväst Polytechnic
37. Tampere Polytechnic – University of Applied Sciences
38. Helsinki University of Technology
39. Lappeenranta University of Technology
40. Tampere University of Technology
41. Hanken Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration
42. Helsinki School of Economics (HSE)
43. Turku School of Economics (TSE)
44. Finnish Academy of Fine ArtsSibelius Academy
45. Theatre Academy
46. University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH

In an average, the student living cost in Finland is high in comparison to its European neighbors. The cost of living in main cities like Helsinki can be even more higher. Students must be careful and must have special consideration while planning to study in Finland regarding high living cost that includes food, rent, health care, study materials, transportation, insurance, and any other costs . It is very difficult to support the living expenses, especially for the students from the Developing Asian and African Countries. If any financial assistance, grants or any scholarship is not awarded to students, it will be very difficult to maintain normal life standard. One of the way to support living expenses is to work in Finland up to 20 hours a week. But it is very difficult to find jobs in Finland as the unemployment rate is high and most of the employer seeks the people who know Finnish language.
It is estimated that international student need around US Dollar USD 850 to maintain the normal student life standard in Finland. This amount may vary according to the area where student going to reside. The cost of accommodation and other services will vary according to place they stay. In cities, it is obvious to be more expensive to live than in villages. If student will cook food for themselves in their own apartments, then considerable sum of money can be saved. It is compulsory to become member of the student union for the students studying at Bachelor’s and Master’s degree level. Student Union will charge from USD 55 to USD 115 as a annual membership fee which entitles the student to a number of benefits including but not limited to health services, subsidized meals, cheap travel options and other discounts.

Largest City:Helsinki
Indian Population:1200 to 1500
Area:130,596 sq mi
GDP:$239.232 billion
Per capita:$44,488
Language:Finnish, Swedish Recognised regional languages Saami
Currency:Euro (€) (EUR)
Calling code:+358
Internet TLD:fi, .ax
Drives on:Right