While a lot of school graduates dream to study in Europe, some of them were lucky to make a great choice – to study in Ukraine at Odessa National Medical University. There are quite a number of reasons why this institution is worth of choice but it is really enough to deliberate several essential facts.

European quality education

Odessa National Medical University is a major medical institution in Ukraine with the highest level IV of accreditation assigned by the State authorities. Founded in 1900, Odessa National Medical University takes pride in over 110 years of its history. About 75 000 of doctors were trained here of which over 6000 graduates and 300 doctors with specialization and super specialization represent different countries of Europe and Asia. Odessa National Medical University is a member of European and International Associations of universities as well as International Scientific Committee of UNESCO. ONMedU participates in Thematic Network on MEDINE (Medical Education in Europe) and is recognized by Medical Councils of USA, UK, India and other countries. Its curricula adapted to the Bologna system allowing students to study in Europe while staying in Ukraine.

Best adapted for foreign students

Odessa National Medical University welcomes students from all over the world providing them with education in English and today it offers both UG and PG courses in English medium. Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine awarded Odessa National Medical University for the introduction of present-day learning model for English speaking students. All the departments of the Odessa National Medical University have its websites with necessary educational materials published in English. Owing to clear and simple application procedure, standardized rules for admission and willingness of the administration to provide the official invitation for foreign students, it becomes really easy to study in Ukraine for those applicants who are eligible for the University requirements.

Up-to-date training process

Odessa National Medical University provides coherent, fundamental special training in several fields of medine like General Medicine (M.B.B.S), Dentistry/stomatology (B.D.S) and Pharmaceutics (M.PHARMA). Training process includes testing, distance learning, credit-unit system, independent system of knowledge evaluation. If you would study in Europe, you’d have to look good for a university with such a powerful academic teaching staff: among more than 800 teachers there are 18 academicians, 105 professors and 407 candidates of medical science. On 20 000 m2 of Odessa National Medical University there are three museums, numerous library, publishing and printing complex, latter-day computer center. One more reason to study in Ukraine is the University clinical site with impressive 9648 patient beds. The clinical site comprises 35 full-rigged hospitals provided with all necessary conditions for training.

Don’t hesitate to choose Odessa National Medical University for its high quality teaching and excellent facilities for student life!

Preparatory course is mandatory only for those students who are adopting for any UG course in Russian medium. During this course the basic subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Russian Language are taught in Russian medium.

Duration (in years) 1 Year

Under Graduate Courses

Odessa State Medical University offers following undergraduate courses to the foreign students:

General Medicine The UG course in General Medicine is of 6 years duration and is conducted in English / Russian / French medium. Those who adopt for course in Russian medium shall undergo Preparatory course (Russian language course) of one year duration, which is in addition to 6 years. After completion of 6 years of UG course student is conferred with “MD Physician” degree, which is equivalent to M.B.B.S. in India.

Dentistry / Stomatology /B.D.S The UG course in B.D.S/ Dentistry / Stomatology is conducted in Russian and English medium. The course duration is of 5 years.

Pharmaceutics / B.PHARMA The UG course in Pharmaceutics is also in Russian medium only. The course duration is of 4 years plus 1 year Preparatory course (Russian language course).

The academic session of undergraduate courses commences from 1st of September. For new students of I year the last date to join classes is 15th of November.
The examination results are assessed from 5 to 1 (5 is “excellent”, 4 is “good”, 3 is “satisfactory”, 2 is “unsatisfactory”). The final state examinations on all disciplines according to the syllabus are held on within one system through 2 stages;

Testing practical proficiency (when exams on clinical disciplines are taken, testing takes place at the patient’s bed side) · Testing scientific-theoretical proficiency

The academic year consists of 2 semesters, the autumn term starts on the 1st of September and winter term starts on 2nd of February. Winter vacation lasts for 2 weeks and summer vacations for 2 months. There is an exception only for foreign students of the 1st year, for them the 1st semester begins between 1st September and 15th November, according to their arrival.

The studies are carried out in accordance with the new syllabus issued in 1996/1997. Within the week there are 5 working days, Saturday and Sunday are off days. The studies are scheduled from 0800 to 1600 hours. The students working week comprises 54 hours, within this time period there are 36 lecture hours and 18 hours for independent work.

ONMedU has six hostels. Hostels are provided with:

1. Free 24 hrs. gas, electricity, hot & cold water and phone.
2. Rooms are centrally heated.
3. Furniture and bedding in rooms is provided by the hostel.
4. Reading rooms and gym are also available in every hostel.
5. Hostels are provided with full security.
6. Student Cafeteria.
7. Hostels are surrounded by green belt with outdoor sport activities like basketball, volleyball, football, etc.

Hostel Fee:

Per Month in USD
a. Each person in two bedded room (shared) — 30
b. One person for two bedded room — 60
c. Each person in three bedded room (shared) — 30
d. One person for three bedded room — 90 (Note: The hostel fee is subject to change according to the change in electricity/water/other amenities charges.)

Mess Charges: (for 10 months) 800 USD

Other expenses:
In USD (Approximately)
Registration, Health Insurance, etc. — 150
Average living expenses — 1500


Sports-Health Complex
The university has good conditions not only for study but also for sports and recreation. There is a sport-health complex on the Black Sea shore, where over 500 students at a time can rest in summer.

The university’s Sports Complex is situated on the territory of the campus. It has six sports halls; for various games, including wrestling, table tennis, athletics, aerobics, badminton, rhythmic gymnastics, training room (gym). At the university the students can participate in more than 16 kinds of sports. The most popular are athletics, basketball, handball, tennis, weight lifting, swimming, football, fencing, mini-football, judo, unarmed combat, chess, badminton and other.

The students who are interested in the creation art can attend the students’ centre “VITA”. The most popular are ballet dancing, modern and folk-dancing, Students Theater of popular miniatures, poetic studio and students press-club.

Polyclinic Service

Annual medical examination of every student is mandatory, which is carried out every year in the beginning of academic session at the Students’ Polyclinic. The medical examination is done by the specialist doctors and if needed all type of diagnostic investigations are carried out. In the system of treatment, rehabilitation and medical check-up, an important role is played by the rehabilitation sector, which provides the following procedures: paraffin / ozokerite / mud-treatment, all kinds of electrical / light radiation treatment, laser therapy, magnetic therapy, electrically stimulated sleep, vacuum therapy, barotherapy, whirl bath, under-water vertical stretching of the spinal column, contrast massage, reflexotherapy, etc.

Museums of the university

ONMedU has three museums:
Historical Museum comprises the exhibits, which tell about the development of the University. At present there are 4.5 thousand exhibits which help students to study at the courses of the history of ONMedU.Anatomic Museum helps students to study basic human anatomy. It includes 3 thousand exhibits telling about the structure of Human body; these objects are prepared by the students and teaching staff of the University. The Museum of the Pathological Anatomy is one of the best professional museums in Ukraine. The museum has 2.5 thousand unique special materials showing the changes in the human organism that occur in different diseases.


The library of ONMedU is one of the oldest and biggest libraries in Ukraine. The proud of the library is the fund of the medical-scientific periodical editions, which is one of the biggest in Ukraine. The funds of the library are exhibited at the exhibitions, symposia and scientific conferences of medical workers.

The library of ONMedU is a modern information centre that promotes educational, scientific and teaching process. Total fund of the library contains 1 million books. The library has its branches in each hostel. There is an Internet Hall in the building of library where students can receive latest international information. After enrolment every student receives “library card”, on the basis of which students can receive books for studies for the period of respective academic year. At the beginning of new academic year the students receives new books for that year.

Publishing and Printing Activity

A powerful printing base, qualified staff, the use of the latest information technologies let the university publish different scientific, educational and methodological literature. 3 medical journals are published:

1. Odessa Medical Journal — 6 times a year;
2. Medical achievements and biology — 2 times a year;
3. Integrative anthropology — 2 times a year.

The unique textbooks and practical aids on all studied disciplines are published at the University. “The library of medical student” is published in Russian, Ukrainian, English and French with a total circulation of 15,000 copies per year. The students of majority of medical establishments of Ukraine study these books


Admission to undergraduate and post graduate courses are open for all foreign students, who fulfil the eligibility criteria of ONMedU and of the respective country, on first come first serve basis from 1st July to 1st October of every year.


For undergraduate course: Candidate must have completed his/her secondary education with minimum 50% marks in Biology, Physics & Chemistry from a recognized college. For post graduate course: Graduation in medical and one year internship from recognized college/university/institution by Medical Council of concerned country.

How to apply

Prospectus along with application form can be obtained from the Representatives of Leader Education in the concerned state/country to which the candidate belongs. The duly filled up forms along with the attested photocopies of required documents (list mentioned below) shall be submitted through the concerned authorized-representative Leader Education of the state/country. If the candidate belongs to the state/country where there is no authorized-representative of Leader Education he/she may apply directly.


As per the law of Ukrainian Government the student visa is issued by visa section of Embassy of Ukraine only during 15th August to 15th November. The official invitation for studies in Ukraine is provided by ONMedU on the basis of which Ukraine Embassy issue visa to travel Ukraine. The Leader Education will provide the guidance and support for visa processing.

Undergraduate Course:
Date of Birth Certificate by local municipal authority.
Attested photocopy of Certificate and Mark sheet of class 10+2 or equivalent.
Six passport size photographs.
Photocopy of Passport (if ready).
Medical Certificate with HIV test report.
Postgraduate Course:
Date of Birth Certificate by local municipal authority.
Attested photocopy of Certificate and Mark sheet of MBBS or equivalent exam.
Internship completion certificate.
Six passport size photographs.
Photocopy of Passport (if ready).
Medical Certificate with HIV test report.
Registration Certificate of Medical Council.