Just following a newspaper advertisement after my boards in May ending I attended a free seminar, which sufficed my dream of becoming doctor. @ Seminar I was thoroughly guided about what was CSMU all about and why it was better then other cheap universities which boosted about MBBS at low packages.

Visa zone had an international platform for my dream and me in return have done nothing except providing the basic documents… Services are at its perk excellence… And students and there queries are always taken care of at the foremost priority…

None of the university had its staff faculty member at the previous seminar I attended… but via visazone Dr. Pavel even explained about the university and its background, its results, its international collaborations…etc., and how it was all together variant and altered from other universities… Some universities which claim to be MCI recognized were not so… and I found that via visa zone through official MCI website… Even I was provided the references of some seniors who were really genuine and authentic helped a lot for getting the picture even more clear…all these factors were great enough for me to choose CSMU!!

I would just like to say in my conclusions… those who wish to be doctors please don’t sacrifice your dreams at the cost of rising donations… Today’s the era of international platform and world is at your doorsteps if you follow your dream.. CSMU is a thing of QUALITY WITH REASONABILTY… And finally 3 cheers for CSMU and all my Hartley thanks to VISA ZONE! :) :)